Take your office, boardroom, or lobby to new heights with a stunning wooden topographic map of the United States.

Impress your clients and inspire your team by literally showing them a piece of the world. This beautiful 3d map shows you the United States like you've never seen it before, with the entire country represented from 50 different pieces of wood, one for each state.

How it's made

Starting with data collected by the US Geological Survey, a 3d model of each state is developed. In order to provide a better perspective on the topography of the US, elevation is exaggerated relative to latitude and longitude, but the maps are otherwise accurate within a half a mile. Each state is then rough cut on a computer controlled router and finished by hand.

Each map is made from high quality North American hardwoods, typically in equal quantities of oak, maple, cherry, and walnut (no state will touch another state of the same species). There are over 12 billion possible combinations of these four woods to make a map of the US and we never reuse a map's layout, so you can be sure that your map will be one of a kind.

The map is hand finished in oil and has a semi-gloss sheen. No dyes here -- the colors of the map are entirely from the natural color of the wood.

Planning for your map

All maps are custom made and take about eight weeks to ship. The 48 states of the Continental US take up a space about 7' wide and 4' tall and stand out from the wall about 2.5" (Alaska and Hawaii can be placed wherever you'd like and will take up several square feet).


Want to better highlight your business? Let us customize your map by adding your logo across the flatter part of the map or by adding markers in cities that are meaningful to your business.

Delivery and installation

Your completed map will be shipped to you fully assembled and ready to hang using provided hardware. Written and video mounting instructions are provided, and it's easy -- you'll need a helper, a few common tools, and about half an hour.

Because maps are large, in most cases they'll ship via a freight carrier, and you'll need to be able to move around a crate weighing about a hundred pounds (a pallet jack or forklift makes this easy, but two strong people can move it as well).


Maps start at $5,000 plus shipping. Customization and full service installation are available for an additional fee.

Ready to order or have questions?

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